Through the Kaleidoscope | Color Theory 4 Scrapbooking


Through the Kaleidoscope | Color Theory 4 Scrapbooking


- 5 Chapters in printable PDF format (over 80 pages)
- 5 videos with over 100 minutes of creative tutorials
- Inclusion in private message + photo board for connecting with classmates and getting feedback on your projects
- EXCLUSIVE printable color wheel swatch book for reference

- 50+ layouts
- 12 industry leading designers

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Color, color, color! We all love color! However sometimes combining colors and creating combinations that are WOW-worthy is downright tough! That is, if don't have the tools to help you. 

In Through the Kaleidoscope | Color Theory 4 Scrapbooking you learn basic color theory principals based upon the artist’s tool - the color wheel. What you learn will help you create colorful pages while using your existing product stash from various collections and manufacturers. You'll even learn how to incorporate older products while always creating pages that are fresh, and will stand the test of time.

Throughout this self-paced creative class you will gain inspiration from:
- 50 layout ideas 
- more than 5 color theory principals
- countless color combinations 
- tips on techniques
- ideas on organizing your product for color-centered page making
- an EXCLUSIVE color flip chart for easy identification and future reference.

Sometimes we get stuck using the same colors over and over. Not with this workshop! Stretching and broadening your use of color is what it's all about – even purple! Yes, I said it! Through five chapters you learn to let go of your color inhibitions and embrace color in new ways. So, get ready! 

With each chapter you'll get
- an instructional video
- a coordinating chapter reference PDF with details and tips on each color theory principal
- inspiration from myself and eleven creatively diverse, industry leading artists. 
- inclusion in a private message + photo sharing board exclusively for purchasers of the class which is great for asking questions and for connecting with classmates!