Seasonal Storytelling | Mini Books 4 Every Season


Seasonal Storytelling | Mini Books 4 Every Season


- 4 Chapters of content in printable PDF format
- 4 videos with over 80 minutes of creative tutorials
- Inclusion in private message + photo board for connecting with classmates and getting feedback on your projects
- 2 exclusive printable journaling cards 

- 8 unique and beautifully crafted mini albums
- Over 100 pages of ideas!
- Contributing designs from industry leading artists

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As scrapbooking storytellers, we all want to document the everyday of our lives. But often, life is simply too busy to keep up with all the details on a daily basis. Sometimes you just need to use a broad-stroke approach. 

In Seasonal Storytelling | Mini Books 4 Every Season, we break down a year into four manageable chunks, naturally segmented by the four seasons. 

This approach is great for two types of scrappers:

1) The storyteller who wants to document the whole year, but is overwhelmed by keeping up with a daily or weekly timetable

2) The documenter who has a favorite time of the year, loaded with celebration and activities 

Whichever type of storyteller you are, when you break the year up into just 4 segments (vs. 52 weeks or 365 days) documenting your precious memories becomes much more manageable. The bonus to this approach is that each segment naturally has it's own theme - the season!

In addition to sharing ideas for documenting the seasons, my contributors and I have put together four separate approaches to creating your mini-albums. They are broken down into four categories:

- Events & Traditions
- Timeframes
- On-the-Go
- Reflections

With each chapter, my contributors and I focus on a different season AND share two of these four approaches for tackling the season. In this way YOU can decide what type of album works best for you, your lifestyle, your scrapping habits and your aesthetic style of creating.