Ponderings | Mastery vs. Success

I heard this on NPR recently and it REALLY resonated with me.

Is it success or mastery that you are trying to achieve? I know for myself it's a bit of both - some days it weighs more in one direction than the other depending on my mood, I suppose. In the end though, it's mastery that I seek to achieve.

I think that is why right now I'm trying so hard to get back to work. Because I feel I have un-finished work to complete. I have new creativity to express. I have a new perspective for that creativity to be fueled from.

Before my hiatus, I was able to accomplish a certain level of mastery as well as success, but that was interrupted by life events - as Ms. Lewis explains, that became the "near-win" in my creative journey, I believe. It's an inner drive because my soul has more to create and do. It feels incredibly unfinished. 

Does this resonate with you? Do you seek success or mastery of your craft? Perhaps some food for thought . . . .