Apologies + Goodbyes + Hellos

It seems fitting for me to come back today to update you on several things.


But first, an apology 

I've been a terribly bad blogger, a worse scrapbooker, a TERRIBLE 1st-time Project Lifer, and woefully absent from a LOT the last 6 months - in my own little world of household and daily life chaos. I've been trying to work on me and that's been an uphilll battle to say the least. More on that later. Back in March, we moved into our new home and I have a wonderful new space to call my own (studio) with it's own door that I can close off! It's an upper level room with large windows - and an additional space just adjacent to it that is perfectly suited for a mini daylight photography studio! I should be thrilled, right? Alas, it's been 3 months and everything is still.in.boxes. and I can't get it together.

What I thought would be a wonderful jumpstart back into my designing life -  after we moved into the new house - was curtailed mid-way through the purchasing process by a terrible knee injury back in mid-February that required a reconstruction of one of my ligaments and 4 months later is still requiring regular Physical Therapy. (If you can avoid it, don't ever rupture your ACL-the recovery time is ridiculously long). While I'm finally able to walk (because who needs to do that?!) and all my "normal" daily routine stuff, I can't exercise like I was; kickboxing and high intensity conditioning classes. They say I'll be able to get back to it, but not for another 3 months, and never with the same "umph" as before. Not being able to exercise along with the circumstances related to my injury have played a major toll on my emotions. I've physically not been able to do a lot until recently, so doing any design work was on the backburner. I wasn't able to photograph much, because I wasn't able to get around very well, so memory keeping and photography were on the backburner. Not being able to do the things I was SO looking forward to, and loved to do on a daily basis were torn from me. I was feeling very, very down and unmotivated. I think having all this happen on the heels of feeling bettter about life in general after 12/14 just amplified my melancholy. I apologize, for not updating when I have previously stated that I would, or designing more when I said I would. I just haven't been able to yet.

(Man, this sounds like a lot of quibble, when I write it out like this. Jeesh!) 


The First Goodbye

Last month, I said goodbye to being a member of the October Afternoon design team. I couldn't keep up with everything - with my newly implemented physical therapy regimine, the kids' and their schools, tending to a new house and managing our previous house as a rental, it became too much and I needed a break. It was three wonderful years with OA, and I've loved every minute of working with John and Kim. It was a dream come true for me and they saw me through a terrible time in December 2012 when I needed it most. To be honest, with me having to say goodbye to OA, I felt like the last of my scrappy career had crumbled  - from the onset of the shootings that terrible December day, is what sent my then flourishing career into a tailspin. It's been a very sad time for me in that regard. I've always been a person with goals and aspirations, and recently I've been aimless in some ways. Lost.


The Second Goodbye

Yesterday, I was perusing my personal FB page, where I'm connected to a few scrappy friends from the past, when I noticed a post about Two Peas closing. I was dumbfounded. The place that I looked to as the "rock" in the scrapbooking community, and in many ways my rock through my scrapping career was closing its doors after 15 years.(What!?) (UPDATE: The year I spent as a Garden Girl was one of the best times for me in recent years. It was one of the biggest highlights of my career.  I was so proud and eager to succeed at Two Peas. I loved the people I worked with and was so elated that I was able to share my art with a community that was as passionate about the art as I was. I was completely distraught that I was unable to contunue there after 12/14, and it still weighs heavily on me today.) I had hopes that I would return in the fall to scrapping again, and utilize everything that Two Peas had at the ready to help me feel re-connected to the community again. Because of that, I'm oh, so sad. A premature goodbye and one that I wasn't ready to relinquish. I continue to think of Kristina and Jeffery and their family, and hope that with this new chapter brings all the best of luck to them as well as the rest of the the Two Peas employees. It's sure to be a very difficult time for them.


My Workshops

I sent an email to Kristina today with regards to the ownership of the 2 workshops that I created for Two Peas. Like many of the other Garden Girls have said in blog posts today, and I say the same, I have not heard anything with regards to the rights to those workshops. What I do know is that I wish to regain those rights back and then figure out a way to make them rightfully available to those who have previously purchased them, and also make them available to others in the future. My color workshop was particularly popular and continued to be so (happily), and I always had the intention of creating a version 2 to that workshop. I would love to continue to do just that!

Until then, you should have FULL ACCESS to the workshops until July 10th. Please make sure to download all PDFs and other files associated with the workshops. 


Hello to 40 + New Beginnings

Back in January, I turned 40. I've never had an issue with my yearly increase in ages really, until this one. Not sure what it was, but turning the big 4-0, had left a sour taste in my mouth.

Steadfast to overcome my feelings about it, I started the year off on top of the world - extremely hopeful and optomistic and making things happen. While it hasn't gone exactly as I hoped or planned back in January - in fact it's gone nowhere like I thought it would! - I am hopeful that we are turning the bend in this crazy year.

Some things are starting to come to light for me, when for a long while it's been murky, thick mud in my eyes! I have a new knee, I'm no longer with DT obligations and I have a beautiful new space to call my own. Perhaps this is where I shut one door on the past, and open this new one up for what will happen for my future. I'm hoping this time to make it sooner, rather than later. Perhaps with my new studio unpacking on the blog? ;)