WINNERS ANNOUNCED! | My Biggest Give.A.Way Ever!

Okay, friends! It's the drawing you've all been waiting for! My BIGGEST giveaway ever!


Annnnnnd the winners are:

Box A - Paper LOVER - Carolyn Fong

Box B- Paper Lover - Sarah R. 

Box C - How To Books - TBD

Box D - Embellie Lover - Carole Hepburn

Box E - Card Lover - Ashley Newell

Box F - Embellie Lover - Stephanie G

Box G - OA Paper Lover - TBD

Box H - Sticker Lover - Juliee

Box I - Stamp Lover - Irit

Box J - Stamp Lover - Tiffany M

Box K- Stamp Lover - TBD

Box L -Clip It Up - Sandra Houston

Box M - Love it All - Anelsie

Box N - Card Lover - Dale Tiernan

UPDATED: STRIKETHRU indicates that the person has claimed their prize (as of 01/28/14)

If your name is listed here, congratulations!! Please email me your shipping/address information, along with your PayPal email address to amyhellerdesign (@) , so I can send you an invoice for the shipping once I get the price for your box. If I do not hear from you within a week from this post, I will have to choose another winner for your box. So please get back to me as soon as you can.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered! I'm sure to have more to giveaway at some point so stay tuned! 

Have a wonderful day!