My BIGGEST GIVE.A.WAY EVER to Start Off 2014!!

In preparation for a new year, and some new ideas for my blog, I have purged a MAJOR amount of my stash. Most of it is duplicates of things I already have and will use, or items that I don't think I'll use in any furture projects. They are 95% from the last 2 years and from all the major manufacturers in the industry. I've decided to do a giveaway instead of accepting payments with these boxes, because my loyal readers have been so graceful with me this past year and I'd really love to give back. The only thing I ask is that you pay for shipping. Some of the boxes are in flat rate boxes, which makes the shipping easy and hassle free, others will just need to be weighed at the post office first to establish costs of shipping. 

A couple things:

1) What you see in the images, ARE NOT all of what you wlil be receiving. The samples shown were grabbed at random from each box, and typically are only 1/3 to 1/2 of what you'll be recieving in your box (except for the Clip it Up)

2) Each box is labeled with what "type" of contents will be in that box, so just expect more of the same of what you see in the image.

3) Some of the boxes include paper swatches that are cut into but not "scraps". I have separated them into 2 catagories - fit for scrapbookers - a) that are at least 12"x4" pieces, and b) fit for cardmakers - at least 4"x4" pieces. These are pieces that I LOVE and had a hard time parting with, but hopefully you'll find them great for your own projects! None of these are pictured.

4) Once you've purused the images, take note of your top 3 choices. You'll need that when you get to the point of commenting. More info below......

Onto the giveaways boxes!

Giveaway_PaperA_AH12x12" papers only. Full sheets, nothing cut into. A couple paper packs may also be included. 

12x12" papers only. Full sheets, nothing cut into. A couple paper packs may also be included. 

How-to books on card making and layout creating from Close to My Heart. October Afternoon fabric fat quarters also included/

Giveaway_EmbelliesA_AHButtons, flair, washi, mini albums, brads, stickers and more!

Giveaway_CardLover_AHOnly 6x6" and 8x8" paper packs from several major manufacturers.

Chipboard, buttons, tags, stickers, rub ons, tags and more. 

October Afternoon papers, only.

Stickers, stickers and more stickers!

Full sets of stamps. Probably over 100 stamps included. 

Full sets of stamps. Probably over 100 stamps included. 

Full sets of stamps. Probably over 100 stamps included. 

Full Sized, Clip It Up. Nothing wrong with it, I just don't use it. :)

A little bit of everything from paper, to stickers, to stamps to embellishments included.

Giveaway_CardLover2_AHMore stamps, washi, ribbon, twine, tags, journaling cards, all great pieces for the card lover.


That's a LOT of stuff! Who wants to win!?


1) Comment below with your TOP 3 BOXES. I will be randomly drawing 14 winners and using their top three choices to determine what boxes gets sent to each winner.

*If it ends up that there are super popular boxes that get chosen and allocated first, then I will send out the remaining boxes to the winners who's favorite boxes were no long available. I will do my very best to get each winner one of their favorite boxes.

2) By commenting below you agree to the terms of paying for the shipping of ANY of the boxes that you are awarded via PayPal to me. Upon drawing, winners will be contacted announced on my blog and emailed to get shipping information and payment is expected upon receipt of a PayPal invoice to you.

3) I sure hope you already follow me here on my blog and thru all of my social media, but if you don't already, could you sign up to do that as well? That would be super! That way I can keep you informed of what I'm doing and upcoming giveaways :)


I think that about covers it! Have fun and good luck! Thank you so much, as always, an I'm excited to share my stuff with you! ;)