This Week . . .


I won't be making any posts related to scrapbooking or my December album this week. I won't be sharing new designs that I've created. I won't be working at all. This week is for me. This week is for my family. This week is for my friends. This week is for my community. This week is for my Newtown. 


Painting by Paul Siegel

If you feel the need to commemorate December 14, please do so by simply showing kindness - that day and everyday. Make the choice to be better, do better, and show kindness to those around you. Remember, kindness is a choice. It is an intentional and conscious decision that you make. It is a learned behavior and a skill. 

It's not always easy to be kind and it does take practice. But the end result is worth the effort. Lets all work together in making this world a better and more tolerant place. 

Hope, Peace and Love to you this week. xo