Scrappy Give-a-Ways (x4)!

So, here's the thing.
I haven't been active on my social media outlets the last several months when it comes to my professional stuff. Understandable. But now that I'm getting back into the swing of things, I was suprised to see that I am about to hit some pretty big (for me) milestones in those areas.


Twitter - 990 followers

Instagram - 584 followers

Facebook (NEW page) - 274 followers

 ALARGE-FRB-01-main-900x695The Good News for You!
I have a TON of scrappy stuff that I need to purge!

When I hit the following numbers for each of these outlets, I'm going to give away a Large Flat Rate Priority USPS box filled with scrapbooking supplies to a lucky follower from each of the following social media outlets and one from my blog! I only ask that you pay the shipping for your box ($16.85 USD via Paypal - International shipping will be different and will need to be calculated based on your address). 


The Giveaways will occur when I meet the following goals:

Twitter - 1,000 followers

Instagram - 700 followers

Facebook (NEW page) - 500 followers


When I have met all of these goals I'll do one random drawing from my blog as well. That post will come once I have met all of these new milestones. So if you'd like to better your chances, make sure you are following each, as I will be drawing from those pools of followers for the giveaways!

And please, don't just follow for the giveaways. There's nothing more dis-heartening than having a giveaway like this, then seeing your following immediately drop after it's over just because (some, not all) people just wanted to win your stuff. If you think that's what you'd do, please don't enter. I want this to be fun, but not completely adventageous to those who really aren't interested in me or what I do - that really isn't fair for anyone involved. If you like me, and my stuff, follow along, if not, please don't.

Thanks so much, to each of you who I know follow my blog!! I may just do an extra special giveaway for you guys! ;)