New Blog Features + Some October Afternoon Projects

Hey everyone! The kiddos are back to school and I am ready to start back into a regular routine, which includes getting back into blogging more frequently.

As my life has changed significantly over the past year, so has my focus and drive to do certain things for myself and my family. Some of those things include spending more quality time with kids and husband (aka work less), taking care of my whole self and my authentic being, as well as getting a couple things done around the house that I've been putting off for some time that causes me tremendous anxiety. So, with these commitments, I thought I would start sharing some of these goals here on my blog. 

The first is a feature I'm thinking of calling Project Organization. We have spent the last 6 and a half years in our current home and I have yet to really organize certain aspects of our small space. Since we plan to put our home on the market in the Spring, I am determined to get these organizational pieces in order before we move so that we aren't trying to do them while trying to pack and move.

The next feature is one I am thinking of calling I Hate to Cook (Dinner). The truth is, I don't hate to cook, but my kids hate to eat what we like to eat for dinner, so therefore I hate to cook what they like to eat. We are vegetarians and have a child who had sensory issues with food in her early years (more info on that later), and I have an incredibly difficult time coming up with tasty meals that will satisfy everyone with REAL food. I often have to make 2, sometimes 3 meals a night, and I can't do that any more. Plus, we want to eliminate as much processed food/GMO's from our diets as possible, so I want to get back to the basics and start cooking again. 

Don't worry, this will stay primarily a scrapbooking and design blog. In fact, I have some exciting things coming around the bend, and I can't wait to share those with you. I hope you enjoy my other features that I will be adding to my repetoire as I struggle to work out the kinks with my organization and dinnertime routine here at home. If nothing else, it should be entertaining - hopefully it won't be as painful as I am anticipating, but they have to get done - and my thought process is if I blog about it, I have the extra pressure to get.things.done! :)

Today, I'm going to leave you with some recent projects I've created for October Afternoon, including a card that is up on the OA blog for today's sketch challenge with Roree Rumph.OA_082913_sketch_DogCard_AH

Make sure to check out the sketch and Roree's beautiful card on the OA blog today!

Next up I thought I would share the pages I created for October Afternoon using the new Daily Flash 12x12" page protectors and the new Daily Flash: Snapshots paper. They were featured on Tuesday for a little stylistic tutorial found here.


Daily Flash - Cape Cod


Daily Flash - Karate Testing


Daily Flash - Rainbow Hot Air Balloons

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope you have a wonderful day. And let me know what you think about these new blog features. I'm curious if these things will be helpful to you!