Blog Update! . . . Well, it's Almost Done

Hey everyone! I thought I'd share with you my newly freshened up blog and give you a quick tour. I have just a few finishing touches to make over the next week or so, but it's mostly complete! It's long overdue and now much more in line with what I've been wanting to sculpt it into for at least a couple years. I finally had the time to create the pieces that I wanted, and streamlined everything. There are still a few things I need to update, including my header and a few of the internal graphics, but overall, I'm very happy with the results. It feels like a fresh start and I feel it is great timing for that Blogupdate_2013

Above, I have outlined the major changes to my blog detailing what each of the new icons will take you to, as well as telling you what you'll find under each link in the navigation bar.

The other major change is that I decided to move away from a 3-column layout to a 2-column layout, so that I could share larger sized images with you. I'm excited about these changes, and I think it will make things much easier to read, and update (for me!) ;)

It also comes at a point when I am starting to brainstorm what is next for me; and I have a few fun ideas brewing for the fall! I hope that you will follow along, as I think they will be fun additions to my blog as well as other NEW platforms for me! :)

Have a look around! Thanks so much for stopping by!