Coming Back :)

Hi all. As I prepare to return to blogging and creating again next week for October Afternoon, I thought I would share a little something with you - I'm on the cover of Scrapbook Trends for May 2013. :)625531_10151565171531535_1151076833_n
Back in January, while I was still very much in grieving and barely able to keep it together on a daily basis, I received an email from Paige Evans, asking if I would like to be on the cover of the May issue  with this layout. It happens to be one of my very favorite layouts - featuring both of my kids, and using one of my favorite collections from October Afternoon -  Sidewalks..

When I read the email, I hesitated, as I wasn't sure if I should be, (or could be) celebrating or sharing my two, healthy, beautiful children, when so many of my friends lost their's in December. I, along with so many of my friends have dealt with survivors guilt in the wake of everything. But, I deceided that I would send in my page anyway, with the hope that by the time that the issue came out, that I would feel better about sharing happy memories with the world again. I am glad I did.

After a lot of thought, and grappling with terribly conflicting feelings, I do feel like I need to continue to celebrate my life, my children and hopefully inspire others to do the same - here in Newtown, and beyond. This doesn't mean, I'm free and clear and have somehow returned back to the person I was before this tragedy, no, not at all. But I do feel I need to set an example for my children that even though you live through something terrible, unimaginable even, it's your obligation, as someone blessed enough to be living; to live fully, love fully, give fully of yourself and remain ever thankful and humble of your blessings, because in a moment, that can all change.

So, with that, I hope that you will again, find my blog a source of inspiration, as I venture into this next chapter of my scrapping career - where ever that may take me at this point. Starting next week, I'll be back throughout the month of May with several projects for October Afternoon, and I cannot wait to share them with you!

Thank you again, to everyone for your continued support. Every word you've provided me, has helped me along in this journey, and I can't thank you enough. Big hugs to you all!! See you next week! ;)