Guest Designer | I {Lowe} Scrap

About a month ago I had the opportunity to guest design for my long-time scrappy crush's (Anna-Maria Wolniak) company, I {Lowe} Scrap.ILS_BEACHLOVIN_AH

It's a Polish-based paper company, and I think if it were available here in the states, I would be it's #1 fan! I just LOVE these papers - their patterns and colors are simply perfection in my opinion. ILS_SUNFLOWERLO_AH
When I created my guest projects, I think I was a bit intimidated, because the girls who create for this wonderful team have a decidedly whispy and artistic style - one that I admire so, so much. I often wish I could "let go" and create like their pieces of art. I think because of this, I became a bit tongue-tied in the scrappy sense and my work feels a bit unfinished and strained. Does this ever happen to you?ILS_WETHAIRLO_AH
I hope to revisit these layouts and give them their rightful, finishing touches. It was such an honor to work with Anna-Maria's paper and be featured on her company's blog. I think though, I had a bit of a knee knocking moment, which is a good thing to push you every once in a while, to stop and revisit your creativity in a new way. I am definitely at that point, in general.ILS_KNITLO_AH
I have several things going on in life and in the scrappy world right now, behind the scenes, and when I emerge from those things, I am thinking it's time to take a refelctive look and really try some new things to stretch myself creatively. I just found my box of paints acrylic paints and watercolors way back from when I was in art school in college, and I'm thinking I may need to break those out again, and try to see where they take me as far as integrating them into my work now. Who knows. I do know, that I want and need to start reaching more again, and I'm looking forward to that process. Stay tuned for that! We'll see how that goes..... ;) Until enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)