Two Peas | New to the Garden - Science ROCKS!

Hey everyone! It's been a little while! Life at home has been very hectic this summer, and that's left little time for the little blog, so I apologize for that. We've been renovating the unfinished portion of our basement that includes a bathroom and our laundry room, and that has been a major inhibitor for my time. The good news is, today and tomorrow the finishing touches will be complete and we'll be moving everything into our new space! It also means, that my craft space will be expanding a bit, as I only had a corner of our finished basement before, now, I'll be able to spread out a bit more, which is super exciting!

In the time that I haven't been running back and forth to Home Depot, Lowes, Benjamin Moore, etc. for supplies I've been working on projects, and just spending time with my kids. Especially my daughter, who I've had the opportunity to have a stay-cation with the past week as my husband and son traveled to Washington to visit his Mom who is going through cancer treatment currently. She and I have done a few fun things like getting a pedicure together, watercoloring, going to the orchard to pick nectarines, swimming in our pool, going to the beach. It's been pretty fun! I'm ready to see my boys again today - I must admit they bring an energy to our home that I can't tolerate without for too long :) 

GG_July_ScienceRocksLO_AHToday I thought I'd share my layout from the Two Peas Garden this week, called "Science ROCKS". The title has a double meaning because in our family we love science. In our eveneings we enjoy watching the Science channel, Discovery (BTW, it's Shark Week this week!), Animal Planet, and the History Channel. We're pretty well versed in the solar system, sharks, underwater creatures, and weather systems. We love all these things. So when my daughter found a stash of un-cracked geodes in her closet this summer, she got herself all ready and set out to crack those things open, stat!GG_July_ScienceRocks_Detail3_AH

You might be surpised to know, that color palettes like this one, composed of primarily neutrals, are some of my favorite to create, and design. I love taking nearly colorless components and looking at the details - pattern, texture, design and pulling them together to create a cohesive, yet still dynamic look without much color. This layout is actually a recent favorite of mine for that reason. It has so much texture and varying pattern, and I love that when a page comes together like that. 


I must admit, I've been in a little bit of a funk lately about my work. Sometimes, I feel as though there isn't enough time in the day to really work my pages the way I'd like to. I'm hoping with the onset of school starting in a couple weeks, that I am aforded the time to dig a little deeper creatively and really start experiementing with my design again. Do you ever feel like that? I guess all artists do. Right now, I think that's what I'm experiencing but I'm hoping soon that it will turn around with more time to dedicate to my process. :)

Well, that's going to do it for me today! I hope you're enjoying the dog days of summer before fall hits us in a few short weeks. Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a super day!