Two Peas | Lisa's Workshop Winner + New to the Garden

GG_ThisisWhyLO_AHThis week I had this project go live in the Garden here at Two Peas in A Bucket. A handful of us took on the theme of travel for one of our projects this month. I love travel themed product, but I've always just struggled to use it. I'm not a jetsetter, nor to we vacation in fabulous places all over, so I always wondered what on earth I would do with all of this cool product.

  GG_ThisisWhy_Detail1_AHThat is until I decided that my pages don't have to be about the act of the travel, instead the reason why we travel as much as we do. In reality, we do travel quite a bit. We have been back and forth across the country a dozen or more times over the past 8 years. But it's never about a swanky vacation in a new location. Instead, we travel 6000 miles to visit our family on the West Coast. They are nearly all there. We are our own little island out here 3000 miles away. But it's always been important to us that our kids have a special relationship with our family that we are close with. We wanted them to have a bond, like there was not the distance that separated us. So every year we've packed up the fam and traveled. GG_THisisWhy_Detail3_AH
It's not always been easy, especially when the kids were in diapers, in the toddler years, and needed to be strapped into a carseat in the airplane. It was usually just me travelling with both kids, and let me tell you those were some adventures. But we did it and continue to do it for moments like the one in my project. The small moments. The evidence that we've been able to create a bond, and that means more to us than anything.GG_ThisisWhy_Detail4_AH

I think after this project I will be able to better use my travel related product, because I have lots of images that illustrate this bond, and it IS the reason why we travel, always. :)

And now onto some unrelated news! I have drawn the winner for Lisa's Diveide and Conquer class!Divideconquer728x90And the winner of Lisa's Divide and Conquer mini Album Workshop is......

Sabrina!! Congratulations!! Sabrina, please email me your Two Peas username and I will get your info off to Jamie so she can activate your workshop asap! Thank you so much to everyone who entered. You can order Lisa's workshop for $12, here in the shop!

That's going to do it for me today! I have lots of fun stuff coming up, so I'll be back soon with that! Until then, have a super week and I'll see you soon! Have a wonderful day! :D