You Asked, I Obliged

It's been a couple years since I shared much of my scrap space here on my blog. Today, I was challenged to share my space on the October Afternoon blog. Well, I spent several days purging organizing in an effort to be ready to photograph it, as well as make it more efficient and, well, I wasn't able to photograph it until late last night, when I had to you my incandescent lighting - which is never very appealing. So, I thought I'd share some natural light photos of my space here so you can get a bit of an idea of how it looks most of the day. I try to work by natural light - it is easier on my eyes (I have very light-sensitive eyes). 

This is what I see when I am working on paper projects. Basically I have that large craft mat as my space. Needless to say, it often looks much more cluttered than this because of the space constraints! That's what you get in a basement, I guess, at least ours! My ribbon storage, obviously needs to bee addressed here, too, it's a mess!!Studio_NaturalLight_3_AH

This is that same space looking down from the other end of the room. I couldn't get a good natural light photo of this end of my room, so you'll have to check that out here on the OA blog.


This is the full width of my space. As you can see, it's not a large space, but it's finally become much more functional with MANY trials and errors in how I've organized it. 


To the right of me is my Expedit. One major plus of a small room - everything is within an arms-length stretch! :D


Finally, this is what I see most days when I am writing posts, etc. on my computer. My sewing machine and my Cameo squeezed together and all of my design team papers kept in vertical files by collection from the most recent CHA. That window is often a source of entertainment, too. Because it's partially underground, I get birds and frogs that come to visit me at it. I've had to rescue a frog or two that have jumped down into the well space around the window on the outside and couldn't get out! I also have had some frogs that hung out on the exterior screen sometimes for days. When it snows, it's really cool too, because I can see at eye level just how much we've gotten. The kids love to run by it and wave to me when they are playing outside, too. It's fun.

Oh, and many have asked, where I purchased my wire baskets on my walls. I purchased them at Ballard Designs, but I've seen very similar ones recently at Home Goods as well. I love them! They fit 12x12" layouts perfectly, which is of course, awesome!

That's about it. I did share some more specifics on the October Afternoon post on some of my organization strategies in my room, so if you'd like to check that out, there's a link here for that. Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :D