Adventures in Video Creation :: My 1st Video Tutorial

Okay, so the time came, finally.

I put it off, and off, and off.

But out of pure necessity, I made the jump yesterday into the world of video tutorial creation!



My reasons for not doing it sooner were plenty.

I thought it would be WAY more work than it was.

I thought it would be WAY more cumbersome than it was.

I thought I would have to reconfigure my craft room and buy lots of lights, etc. to make it work.

I thought I wouldn't have anything to say.

I was pleasantly suprised at how relatively easy it was for this print-format girl to pick up and take off using iMovie for the first time - love those Mac folks for always making their products easy to use from the get-go!. Even my camera set up was easy once I got it set up and rolling. The only thing I purchased was a tripod ($25) to set on my desk and hold my camera. I used the natural light from my basement windows. I am sure at some point some night lighting will be great, but for now, it actually worked. 

What didn't work - in what originally the 2nd half of my tutorial, after I machine stitched on my card - I thought I had turned on the record button, but I hadn't. Ugh. So, I talked my way through a tutorial for an audience of me. LOL - oh, well. I know now for next time!


OA_Card_1stvideo_Detailgrid_AHThis is the card and how it turned out. Once I came though and handstitched the base, I adhered it to my cardbase, then rounded the corners. Then with foam tape adhered the 'Together' card. Lastly I played around with colors of buttons and groupings around the 'Together' card and decided that this placement was best, bringing attention to the sentiment and to the central image. 

I'm sorry that you aren't able to see that 2nd half of my tutorial, but this is my start to this new journey and now that I've started, I can see how this is going to be a fun new addition to my crafting and blogging process! I hope you go check out my videos and subscribe to my channel on YouTube.

Thanks so much for stopping by and being patient with my new medium! I'm in a learning curve and it will get better! :D Have a wonderful day!!