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Happy Monday, everyone! It was a busy, busy weekend for us. We drove 6.5 hrs to Washington DC for the weekend to meet up with family who was visiting the area from the West Coast. It was a nice time - but I learned several things from this very packed weekend "getaway". Kids probably won't get much out of walking around Washington DC until they are at least 9-10 years old. Secondly, plan to stay there for more than a day and a half. You need a good week to do all the things you want. Thirdly it is WAY more spread out and large compared to what I was thinking. We weren't nearly prepared. The kids were bored much of the time and bouncing off the walls, even though we were all walking a ton. It is just way more expansive than I ever thought. Definitely bring good shoes, backpack, snacks, water and lots of patience (espeically if you are traveling with kids) - the crowds were everywhere and in great numbers. Lastly, if you are American, be prepared (which I wasn't - I was just thinking about my kids and how ill behaved they were LOL!) to feel a great amount of pride, honor and even a deep feeling of sorrow. It was far more emotional than I ever expected. That couple with the fact that the first day there, I got amonster migraine that lead me back to the hotel for the remainder of the day didn't help. :( The good part - I feel prepared for the next time we go and everything that will make it a much more positive experience - for everyone involved! LOL
Today I thought I would share with you some cards I recently finished up for American Crafts using the new Dear Lizzy collection. I am so in love with this collection and know that what I have left will be used and hoarded for many moons to come!! The crazy thing to me, is that the deeper I get into it, the more I find and the more I love. It just keeps getting better and better to me! I LOVE when a collection does that, don't you?


For all of these cards I decided to dig into the new 6x6 paper pads that American Crafts put out this year. They really are ideal for cards and what I love, is that they created the entire paper collection in the pads. Usually manufacturers leave out the journaling tags and border pages from these little compact paper pads. Not this has it all (except the vellum sheets). It's gorgeous! I Just love the scale!


Speaking of American Crafts -- I just noticed this morning......look who's in the Two Peas in a Bucket Shop?!

Amy Tangerine's NEW Sketchbook collection!!! Check out the whole collection, here!!!

 Here are a few of my favorite pieces!

2722631_600x600Pigment Remarks Fabric Stickers Amy Tangerine Sketchbook

2722616_600x600Grass Amy Tangerine Sketchbook Journal Foam Thickers Stickers

2724045_600x600Amy Tangerine Sketchbook 6X6 Paper Pad

So awesome, right?! I'm starting to fill my cart already!! I LOVE it all!!

With that, that's going to do it for me today! I hope you are having a wonderful day and I'll be checking back in with you in the next day or two!! Thank you so much for stopping by! ;D