October Afternoon + CHA = New Releases!!!

Have you seen??? October Afternoon has 3, count them, 3 NEW releases debuting at this Sunday's opening of Winter CHA, 2012! I've been working this entire week with some of the goodies from these fantastic releases, and I have to tell you, I am IN.LOVE!!! I CANNOT wait to work with these fantastic releases more and more. I had to send off some of my work yesterday and I was a little sad to see them go - because I just LOVE how everything came togeter! I'm going to be scraplifting myself I think when the collections are in my hands for real, and not just samples for the show! 


Woodland Park
Filled with adorable woodland creatures and beautifully Spring colors, this collection has some really unexpected surprises that will delight every papercrafter!!



9 to 5
Don't let the "work environement" styling in this sneak fool you, this collection is perfection for the everyday scrapper and papercrafter. I think it will be especially fantastic for PL scrappers and those who love earthy tones and Spring warmth in their papercrafting!


This colleciton is the quintessential must have birthday collection. Beyond that there are SO many delightful images, patterns and colors that will have you squealing "it's sooooo cute" for years and years to come. This might be my fave..... 

But, then, I'm honestly am having trouble deciding which is my favorite! They are all so different, but all equally beautiful and delivered with October Afternoon's trademark perfection in the details. Do you have a favorite that you are looking forward to? I'd love to hear! We'll be revealing our projects on our blogs and on the October Afternoon blog starting this Sunday, January 29th!! Make sure to check.it.out!! You won't want to miss the big debuts!!! Thanks for stopping by today! :D