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So, each year as I get closer to the *gulp* big 4-0, it seems I'm getting more reflective and intent on making things that once seemed unattainable, attainable. This year I have my sights set on, once and for all, creating my future to be one without constant weight woes. It's something I've battled with all.my.life. Before kids I had a pretty good handle on it, but after my son was born, that all fell apart.

So, this is the year for me to actually get on board and make.it.happen. Not just to lose weight, but to make my life the way I want it to be, the way I used to be, to become an athlete again. That's my authentic self, how I've always seen myself, because athletics was such a huge part of my life for the first 2/3 of my life. I want it to be a part of my life for the rest of my life. Right now it's something that I struggle with, but I'm taking baby steps toward having that become a part of my life again.

In addition, I've compiled my (not so short) list of 38 things to do at 38 (which was inspired by Amy Tangerine's 32 while 32 post). So here goes! 38, here I come!

1) Get closer to finding and becoming my true, authentic self

2) Escape the lockhold my body has on my spirit

3) Achieve a greater sense of balance and light in my life

4) Be more okay that I'm no super model, and never will be

5) Purchase and wear my first pair of heels with some cute jeans

6) Go into NYC more

7) Spend less time on the computer

8) Spend more time doing squats

9) Learn to shoot my camera in Manual Mode

10) Read more books

11) Try painting again with watercolors (used to do this in college)

12) Try caligraphy again (used to do this in high school)

13) Spend more one on one time with my daughter

14) Hire a babysitter more so my husband and I can go out more

15) Ride my bike again - I used to go on 40 mile rides every weekend when I lived in Seattle on the Burke-Gillman Trail (how I miss that!)

16) Organize my garage

17) Maintain my craft space organization so it stays tidy (I just did a major overhaul and I will be posting photos shorty of that....)

18) Start volunteering with my daughter at the local humane society

19) Work at a soup kitchen at least once

20) Breathe more

21) Relax more.

22) Learn new ways of *beautifying* myself - YouTube hair and makeup lessons - I'm so out of touch!

23) Do the local 5K run in November - Turkey Trot

24) Register for a triathalon for 2013

25) Waste less, use more

26) Remember to bring my re-usable bags to the store, every.time.

27) Be a better vegetarian - more veggies!

28) Try juicing

29) Cut back on coffee - notice I didn't say GIVE UP?! LOL I love Starbucks!

30) Try to create a chevron pattern on a layout/card (haven't done that yet)

Almost there.....

31) While on vacation in Mexico next month, try something new

32)  Cook more, nuke less

33) Have at least one family event every weekend

34) Nurture friendships more

35) Let my guard down more

36) Trust more

C'mon I can do it...

37) Let go more

38) Learn something new everyday