Mission Organization :: My Little Basement Space

Hi everyone! I've been taking a few days to really revamp my crafting space to fit my needs better. I think I've mentioned before how it's been a menagerie of stuff from my design business and my crafting stuff. Well, it's become mostly non-functional for me over the past couple years and a source of great stress when I'm trying to locate things. Items were ending up stored in the corrugated boxes they arrived in and piled upon that. So I really needed to start thinking about the space that I have as far as space (8'x12' section in our finished basement that shares a partial wall with a living space where our guests stay when coming to visit). There's no door I can close (kids constantly running downstairs to ask questions, even when Daddy is home) very little natural light (2 nice big windows, but light only comes through the top of the windows since they are behind and virtually under large boxwood bushes outside, and that ultimately use up wall space that I could use), very little wall space, and even smaller amount of storage space. I do have an Expedit from Ikea, which has been the main source of my stress, and was really the major focus of my reorganization. I needed to get real and get rid of some things that I don't use, look at or need anylonger. Organization_2012_expedit_AHWhat's left are two filing baskets of paperwork and a stack full of books. Those only take up four cubbies. The next thing I needed to ask myself about were all the stamps that I have, and let's face it, I don't use. I recently got rid of all my full set of CTMH inks, and most of my stamps are CTMH. Don't get me wrong, they're lovely stamps. I just am not a huge fan of stamping. I think the reason I started loving stamping was because I was first intro'd to scrapbooking through CTMH, and they specialize in stamps, so of course I bought a lot. I was a consultant for a short period too, so I got many from that as well. But, I'm getting real with myself, and the reality is, I don't want them. And I don't want them in my space. I have hundreds of sets it seems, and they took up the better part of 5 cubbies themselves! And it feels great to get them out of the expedit. Now everytime I look to the right, they aren't hovering over me like a dark cloud. LOL

This is what it looked like before! And here is *close* to done!


I'm still searching my local Home Goods stores for 2-3 more of these baskets with linen liners. I really like them. I've been to 3 in the last several days and bought every one I could find. So once I track down a couple more they will go in the bottom cubbies. Oh, and those boxes on the right, those are stash boxes I'm getting ready to giveaway. So keep your eyes peeled for that!

I'm hoping over the next month I'll have my space completed and I will show you how everything has turned out. It's been a work in progress, I tell you, but it's finally becoming a functioning space. Boy, lots of trial and error over the last couple years, that's for sure, but this is what makes the most sense for now. So we'll see!


BTW, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! to everyone who left me well-wishes about my new position at Two Peas in A Bucket! I am SO thrilled and excited, and just as excited that you are all happy for me as well! It makes it that much sweeter, so thank you!!

I'll be back soon with some fun projects to share, until then, I'm still organizing! What you don't see is my "keep" stuff sitting on my desk that now needs to get put away! ;D Have a wonderful day!