American Crafts :: December Daily :: Day 12


If you're anything like me, this year brought the new discovery (and addiction) of Pinterest! It was about day 12 of my December Daily, that I frantically started pinning anything and everything "Holiday" oriented for some new ideas and traditions to get going on with my family. It was also, probably part of my demise at being late on just about everything for the holidays! LOL At any rate, I do believe that because of Pinterest, the holidays will never be the same. They'll be even better!




This will likely be the last post on my December Daily  - for a bit. I am continuing to work on it, but I think I will save the rest, for one final post, maybe two. I have some big projects coming up that I need to begin focusing on and sharing, so when I have a bit more time perhaps in the next month, I will get you caught up on the final outcome on my December Daily. Thank you to everyone who's been so excited about seeing it! I'm having so much fun putting it together and I'm thrilled that so many of you have expressed an interest in it! What a treat! Thank you! Have a wonderful day!!