American Crafts :: Last Minute Santa Idea :)


Well the big night before Christmas is coming soon! I nearly forgot to share these with you from American Crafts a few weeks back! We've started a new little tradition for our kids. We're leaving out two of these cute empty canisters for Santa Christmas Eve. And he will "tell" the kids whether they've been naughty or nice the whole year through based on the sweet treats or "coal" filled in each of the canisters! They are really looking forward to it! AC_Naughty_Can_Ah

I'm particularly fond of this naughty canister because it just looks so fun filled with black treats - even though I'm certain Santa won't fill it this full of naughty coal for my kids this Christmas! 


Maybe just one or two little pieces of coal for each of them! ;) 


I used American Crafts Hollyday to create these fun little canisters. I even used the rub-ons directly on the canisters. I really love the customized look it gives them!


And of course the "nice" canister is filled with yummy peppermint sweets. I think it would be really festive to fill with red and green m&Ms to really make it stand out more - oh, well! Maybe Santa will think of something fun like that!


I even used thickers stitched on Hollyday paper for the lids of the canisters. This finishes them up with a cute, fun touch. And it will make them easy to find next year! 


I just love this felt Christmas tree from Hollyday. It's so festive. And what's not more telling of "nice" than seeing a tree filled with presents underneath on Christmas morning to a child? That's why I decided the tree was the perfect centerpiece for my "nice" canister. 

This is a super easy and cute little tradition. In fact, I think each year we'll mark on the side of the canister where Santa filled it up to - kind of like a growth chart as a measure of naughty or nice! LOL. I think the kids will get a kick out of it! :D

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I'm in full-on Christmas mode, so I'm not doing a lot of crafting, outside of finishing up teachers' cards, etc. which I will share with you tomorrow and Saturday. Next week I'll be back to sharing the remainder of my December Daily. I hope you have a wonderful day, and enjoy your holidays if I don't see you until after! ;)