December Daily :: Day 8 (At Last!)


I'm back, finally, with Day 8 of my December Daily! I am behind, yes, but still plugging along. I was in a funk creatively and with all the holiday preparations I needed to make this week, I put this on the back burner. But I've finally made it through Day 8 and am ready to tackle the next 3-4 days, no problem. I have the photos printed and everything! :)Day8_inAlbum_2A_h

With this spread, I wanted to include some really cute artwork that my kids made recently, but I didn't want it to BE the spread, so I made this cute little instert that I made out of page protectors, then filled with photos of my kids' artwork. This is where I got stumped - what else should the spread be about? Then it dawned on me, I could take pictures of the recent ornaments and other holiday decor they've made.


Here's a close up of the insert. I made a tab out of Flour Sack Die cuts then put the age of my kids on them as well, so it's both functional for turning and for knowing the age of the kids when they made the drawings. :)


And here's just a bunch of detail shots. :)




I just want to write here, to thank you for all of your kind words on my December Daily. Honestly, I'm a little stupified by it, because I've seen so many out there that are SO beautiful they take my breath away. I was thinking about it the other day that it would be a much easier process if I had made all of my pages ahead of time. But I'm just not sure if I would be able to do that - my process is very organic - sometimes it takes on a very layered, heavy feel and other times a quite simple, so I just have to let it come out the way it will when I sit down to do it - and planning doesn't seem to work for me. Who knows, maybe next year I'll feel differently after I have one of these bad boys under my belt! :D Anyhow, your kind words made my day!! And I want you to know how much I appreciated them! So, thank you!

Okay, I'm off! I'm hoping that over the weekend, I'll have Day 9 and 10 ready to share. But don't quote me on that, we have a ton going on this weekend! Ack! Xmas is only a week away!! Have a wonderful evening!!