December Daily: Day FIve


Well, I am now starting to make progress with my December Daily! I finished up Day 5 last night and am nearly finished with Day 6. I hope to get at least Day 7 completed with today. This week, I should be able to get caught up and stay caught up through Christmas - let's hope!

This past week, my Mom and her husband lost their dog suddenly after a leg amputation surgery to ward off the early stages of bone cancer in her leg. It was a devestating shock for us, especially the kids. They had grown very close with their sweet girl, as we spend at least a month every summer with them, so it was a very sad day. And it seemed fitting that we pay her homage because nothing else that day really mattered. As you can see from her picture, she was a very sweet, and tolerant dog - even posing for this cute picture wearing reindeer antlers and a package ribbon around her neck - our dog would never let us do that to him....she was the sweetest, and we are going to miss her tremendously.DD_Day5_Millie_Detail1_AH



I'll be back tomorrow with a more light-hearted and fun page as we progressed through last week. 

Today we are working on making our gingerbread houses, so there should be plenty of fun moments to share for today's spread later in the week!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and thank you so much for stopping by! :)