October Afternoon :: Monday Challenge

Hi everyone! Hope you had a super weekend! We did, though it was too busy. Not enough time to get done everything I needed, which stinks, but it was a fun one nonetheless. :)

Today I'm hosting the Monday Challenge again on the October Afternoon blog! Kinsey is joining me today and I know you won't want to miss her take on the challenge! Here's the layout I created for the challenge. Any ideas on what it's for? Anyone, anyone? Bueller? :D

If not, take a hop on over to the OA blog to see this week's challenge!

Tomorrow I promise to be back with some DD updates. I am currently behind, already, and I hope to catch up at least to only be 1 day behind instead of 3! LOL. So check back tomorrow for that. I'm off to work on it now! Have a wonderful day! :D