American Crafts :: I'm Thankful

SoThankfulLO_AHHi everybody! I'm trying something a little new here, I am dictating this post from my new phone via Siri. We still do not have power, lets see its been since Saturday afternoon that we lost power. we do have a generator so that is good, and for that I'm thankful. But we aren't projected to get power back until Saturday. So until then well continue to just hang in there.

SoThankful_Detail1-AhI thought I'd share today some projects I had up on the American Crafts blog earlier this week for the 'i am grateful for' week at American crafts The first one is the layout that I made of my daughter snuggling into my husband while we were on a hayride pumpkin picking. It's these type of moments that I think I'm most thankful for. the second is a set of cards Thanksgiving inspired using the night fall collection and Amy tangerine collections. 

SoThankful_Detial2-Ahonce we get power back hopefully this weekend I'll get all the detail images up and all the links to this weeks post up. I am doing these posts from my cell phone and my iPad, and I'm not able to hook up the links the way I would from my computer so I apologize for that.

SoThankful_Detail3-AHI hope wherever you are you're having a great day and thanks so much for stopping by.