Crate Paper :: My First Instagram LO

5&8@ItsBest_LO_AH As I look at this now, a couple weeks after I've completed this layout, it looks unfinished to me. Do you ever do that? Ugh. Oh, well, I'll show it any way - maybe you'll see it again at some point with a few more details added. Sometimes, I just can't let it go. You ever get that feeling? LOL.

Anyhoo, today I thougt I'd share this page I made for Crate Paper using Random and Peppermint in a bit of a different way than what I've been seeing out there thus far. I focused on the reds, greys, denim and the neutrals that are so fabulous in these collections. With it, I used my first Instagram photo print out. My phone doesn't take the best of photos, but this image turned out really well for a phone shot, and I love that I can just upload my images into Aperture like all my other images from my camera. I really don't need to order prints, I just print them from my computer like always. Super!


I love getting these cuddly shots of my kids. I am hoping it isn't a phase. I do think they really love each other. I don't remember ever being like this with my sister, so I have hope! ;D


Well, I am off to see my son play soccer this morning, so I've got to run, but I'll be back this week with some other fun stuff to share! I hope you have a fabulous weekend! :D Thanks so much for stopping by!