October Afternoon :: Fabric + More!


So have you seen? October Afternoon is now starting to manufacture their super-cute designs into darling FABric!! The first collection that has been produced is from Farm Fresh.

I was lucky to receive a smapling of the new fabrics and with very little time on my hands yesterdaym I created this fun little (6" diameter) doorknob rag weath in about 1/2 hour. I created it simply by tearing coordinating pieces into 1" strips then tying them in double knots around my 6" pressboard wreath form. So simple!! I thought this color way would be perfectly sweet and cozy looking for a sleeping baby sign for a doorknob. I wish I had one when my little ones were still that small. :) Make sure to check out the post about the fabric on the OA blog....there *might* be a giveaway going on over there! ;D


Next up is my card I created for Monday's challenge on the October Afternoon blog. Lexi's challenge was to incorporate envelopes into a project somehow. Initially, I thought, oh, my-I don't have a die to create an envelope for my project. Then with one piece of scrap paper, I figured out how to easily create your very own, perfecly perfect envelope without a die. Simply take a square piece of patterned paper - mine measured 5"x5", and lay it in a diagonal shape in front of you with the pattern you want on the outside of the envelope, face down. Then simply fold the top and bottom "points" toward the middle so that they overlap a bit, then fold the side panels toward the center so that they meet up with the bottom panel precisely. Trim off the excess from the bottom panel, and use a corner rounder to round the apex of the top panel. To adhere the botom panels together, I simply used a border sticker across the entire surface to hold them down, but you could also use washi tape on the outside, or even scrapbooking tape on the inside for a even more precise look. It was SO easy!

On a side note, today's the last day to sign up for the American Crafts Blog Hop Giveaway. Make sure to head over here to do the entire hop, if you haven't already. You won't want to miss out on ALL the giveaways there are with this one! Super fab! If you are looking for my hop post, head on over here or simply scroll down one post. Good luck!