What Have I Been Up To the Past Week?

Well, I've been living a life mostly disconnected. Disconnected from electricity, water, and technology (for the most part). When Irene hit our small town in south western Connecticut, it took a heavy toll. Not as heavy as in East Haven, Guilford, Branford, Milford, or Fairfield, CT but a large toll, nonetheless. Here's a look at what happened just on a short stretch of less than a mile on the road we live on.3_AH
These two photos above were from an uprooted tree that left lines strewn all over the road and were not touched for 7 days. We were forced to drive over these wires everytime we wanted to get out from our road despite the Connecticut Light and Power's plight to keep anyone from driving or being near the wires at all. But if we hadn't we wouldn't have been able to leave our home for 7 days - it was bad enough not having power, but we all took the chance. As you can see neighbors cut a narrow opening for cars to drive thru. Our mini van had been scratched by the limbs in this tree carnage - it was not wide at all.1This is a tree that we all crossed our fingers wouldn't fall on us every time we drove under it. It was seriously looming.6-AHThis picture above was taken on an adjacent street to ours, less than a half mile from us. This tree hung there for over 5 days without being touched by anyone.8_AHThis was another tree that was pulling down wires and left several strewn on the road. Our home is conveniently nestled between these major messes, and that evidently, was why we were left until nearly last in the town to be given power - because we had major damage and cleanup- pardon my sacrcasm, but shouldn't that have been taken care of first??7-AH

This became my new best friend. If you are in an area prone to power outages, I highly recommend one of these to keep you connected to the outside world. I got mine 2 days before the power came back on, but I am so glad I did - for the next time! HA!4_AH

And then, on day 7, they arrived . . . at last. About a half hour after this was taken, we had power.  9_AH
We could finally say goodbye to flashlight reading and board games.
And move on to things that don't require as much stress, such as getting ready for a garage sale, reorganizing and reprioritizing my craft space. I'm officially saing "Goodbye Irene" - and hello new chapters. Today my son started his first day of kindergarten, my daughter started 4th grade, my husband started new responsibilities at work, and me, I'm looking to the future and saying goodbye to things I've been hanging on to far too long.