My, My, My, it's Been a While!

I feel like I've been away, not on any kind of vacation or respite, but away from civilization for forever! Not a feeling I enjoy at all since, I kind of like my techno geek side. I've spent countless hours in the car, at the library, at (wonderful) friends homes, trying to get a hour's worth of charge on my phone, ipad, portable DVD player, ipods - anything really that could link us up to our life before Irene. Sometimes with very little luck, other times with more. So I've been not able to see, not only what's been going on in blog-land, but in life/the world in general besides the snipets of information that I would receive from friends, relatives who had access to TV and internet at all times. I have a whole new respect for Mother Nature (of whom I respected greatly alread) and having electricity and running water. Wow. What a luxury!!! I'm thankful today!!

Since, I haven't been around much at all lately, so I thought I'd share here what I've completed in the past couple weeks (prior to this mess), that I'd only provided sneaks of here.

First off from this past week on the October Afternoon Blog: KTestRide_SketchLO_AH
This is from the Thursday Sketch Challenge that I hosted. My little man had his Kindergarten bus test ride the week before Irene hit and ultimately delayed school by a week. His first day will be on Tuesday, as will my daughter's first day of (gasp) 4th grade!

I also hosted the Monday Challenge on the October Afternoon blog last week with this fun challenge about Everyday Travel, inspired by Boarding Pass and my husband's ridiculous commute!

Next up was this layout for the Crate Paper blog's Designer Showcase featuing Farmhouse.

3rdGrade_LO_AHPeaches_LO_AH Lastly, were these two pages for Two Peas in a Bucket's Design School event. I was so excited and nervous about being asked to guest for this event, I think my pages got a little over-detailed, but I love them nonetheless. :) Mine were found here in the Guest Projects gallery.

So what's up for me now that I have power? Well, there's laundry, and cleaning. Then I'm cleaning up my craft area to get ready for a full week of power crafting!  I have a lot coming up and I need to get moving on some projects, stat! Besides, I think my psyche needs a creative binge right about now! :D I am also getting the kids ready for Tuesday, so I need to get in the Back-to-School mode, too - that I'm afraid won't be as relaxing or fun. So come back later this week to see what I've been up to!

Regarding the Scrap Your Scraps Summer Challenge :: I am thinking that I will extend the challenge through September since I missed the one week, then with last week's power outage and this week's power outage recovery, I feel I need to make up some time with my scraps, so look for the next installment next Sunday! Thanks so much, everyone for hanging in there with me, your wonderful thoughts, prayers and karma vibes! I felt them all! You are all so wonderful!! I'll be back soon! :D