We Weathered the Storm

I just wanted to pop by quickly to let you know we are okay in the aftermath of Irene. We have not had power since 4:30am Sunday, (im posting from my phone) and do not yet have a projection of when we will get power back. We've been fortunate to have generous friends lend their showers to us and thank heavens heat hasn't been an issue, as it is in the winter, since we don't have a generator like most of our neighbors do. That is going to change this fall! :)

At any rate, I have a post prescheduled for tomorrow, but I haven't been crafting obviously since this all occurred, so other than that, until we get power, I will have little to share. As soon as we do, I'll let you know and I'll be back at it, as I've a lot of things I need to make and share!

For now, I'm very thankful for what we have and how little damage our home and property incurred. So many people lost their homes entirely not far from us, that I am just thankful for all we have, even f we are in the dark a few more days....but power will be nice when it returns! ;)