Crate Paper :: CHA Share

RandomGroup_2_AHLast week over at the Crate Paper blog, Christine showed everyone the cards that I created for the Crate Paper booth for CHA Summer last month. I gave you a peek, but thought today I'd show you the full line up of cards I created. Especially now since, I was able to work with the photos and get the exposure how I wanted now that I am home and have my beloved Photoshop back! Random_1_AH

First up is from the collection, Random. I am in LOVE with the colors in this collection. 

The turquoise, magenta, denim and yellow, please! It's swoon-worthy to the 'nth degree! 


The colors are gorgeous, the texture captured is amazing, I just don't have enough room to say everything I love about this collection! I can't wait to work with it more!!

Next up is Farmhouse. This is the collection that has "fall" written all over it! 

Farmhouse_1_AHDeep warm colors (even the cool colors are warm!), trendy vintage - homesewn and homegorwn theme, and lots of dimension give this collection a tremendous amount of depth! 


There are so many ways this collection can be taken! It's really a fun one! 

Farmhouse3_AHIn fact, I'm working on my 2nd layout with this collection right now! I'm sure you'll be seeing it soon!;)

And lastly, the gorgeous new Peppermint collection.Peppermint-1_AH

This has to be one of my all-time favorite holiday collections, ever! 


It is traditional, while still having that whimsy that Crate Paper is so well known for-which I ADORE!


Coupled with Christmas colors as well as a wonderful wintery palette, this holiday collection is one that is sure to go into my "stand the test of time" stash that I know I'll be drawing from for a very long time. 

Well, friends, that about does it! A little bird told me that one of my Crate Paper layouts will be shown tomorrow on the Crate Paper blog - not promising, but it may be there. I'll give you a peak in the morning if it does show up! ;) Hope you have a wonderful day!