Scrap Your Scraps :: Summer Challenge!

A couple weeks ago, I posed a question to my friends on my FB page - What do you think of a Summer challenge to use up those scraps we all have lying around? I was thrilled to see that many of you were in full support of such an event! While it's been delayed a bit, due to a bothersome eye infection I've had over the last week and various other things (like new DT projects- :D) but it's still relatively the beginning of July, so I think we're good to get started!

This is what I have been accumulating about the past year. Whenever I clean my space for a new project, I ultimately have a small pile of schtuff, left over, that I just don't want to deal with putting away. Usually this is an menagerie of paper scraps, bits of buttons, stickers, whatnots that are just leftovers. So I usually just throw them in one of my "scrap bags" to deal with later. Later is now. LOL. Because it's summer, because there are a million other things going on, I'm thinking this is going to be a really laid back project. The challenge is to create 1 project (card, layout, altered) per week in July and August to rid yourself of those pesky scraps. Pretty easy, eh?

This is my scrap collection that I brought with me.

Last Import-7
Totally unorganized and just a mess. It's no wonder it's been over a year that I've looked through these bags!!!! But I'm ready now! Off and on over the past week, I've spent organizing it. I've arranged everything into separate bags. Buttons, thread, paper, chipboard, gems, fabric, etc. And I'm ready to roll! I think my next step is going to be arranging my scraps into layout/card project sets, this way, I will be able to arrange everything into colorways without having to go and further organize each category.

Jenny Bowlin-15
Here's my patterned paper scraps - in a gallon sized ziploc . . .

Jenny Bowlin-14
and here are all my other "scraps" that I have organized, each in a quart sized ziploc. Each is categorized - you can see my button scraps, chipboard, ribbon, tags/diecuts, fabric, stickers, you name it it's there in its own baggie. :)

So, here is my goal. Each Sunday, I will post my Scrap Your Scraps Summer project. It is to that post that you should post yours as well in the comments section of my post. The first week of August I'll draw one winner from those that have played along in July and the first week in September I'll post one winner from those that play along in August. Of course, you can play along both months, but we all know how the summer goes, people go away on vacation, etc. and it seems only fair to break it up like this.

So what do you say?! Are you game?