Weekender :: OA Layout + My List

UPDATE_EveryoneLoves-aParade_AHHappy weekend, everyone! I thought I would share just a couple things this weekend, as we are in full gear summer mode hear, and my blog posts might be pretty light over the next several weeks. But never fear, I have LOTS going on, many of which I can't divulge yet, but very, very fun and exciting! :) Some of which you'll see in the next week or so! Then there's preparations being made for CHA. I'm not going this summer, but some of my work will be there! :D I'll miss seeing everyone and all the wonderful product and ideas on the horizon, but I'm also happy to just be hangin' with the fam for some R&R. :)

FireworkFlower_Detail4 This week I had a tutorial up on the October Afternoon blog, on creating these fun layered flowers that I call "Firework Flowers". They are SO easy and lots of fun and dimensional! Make sure you check out the tutorial if you haven't already - it's a fun one! (Oh, and while you're at it, October Afternoon is having a GIVEAWAY on their blog, on this post, for some fun Rocket Age products! You have until Sunday to enter, so get to it!)
On another note, I've seen some of these fun lists floating around in blogland and thought I'd give it a go. I need to do a better job of documenting - me, as well as my family. Perhaps this will be a new addition to my weekender posts. I kinda like this idea. So here goes:
listening: Lada Gaga, "You and I" on repeat

reading: Harry Potter - yes, I'm reading it for the first time! My daughter is on book 5 and I promised I'd read it with her this summer :)

watching: So You Think You Can Dance, Pinterest. Nothing else, really

eating: lots of delicious strawberries

drinking: Starbucks lattes - nothing new here

wearing: flip flops and a newly received pedicure!

feeling: like there are not enough hours in the day

weather: totally rainy and wet :P

playing: with origami with my daughter

wanting: to feel physically strong

needing: to make the time for my physical self

waiting: for Monday

enjoying: the craziness I call my life

thankful: for the people I've chosen to have in my life - I can't handle drama, and luckily they come with little of it ;)

Do you document yourself? If so, how do you do it? I actually find it difficult to turn inward for any length of time, so this list idea seems an ideal fit. I'd like to do more, so maybe this is the easiest - baby steps, you know. :) Have a wonderful weekend! :D