Snippets and Sneaks

I've been away, yes I know. But not far. I've been crankin' stuff out like there's no tomorrow. My craft room looks like, well to be blunt, like someone threw up October Afternoon, Crate Paper along with several other lines all over the place! I've done 6 LO's this week, all that you get to see this UPcoming week - 3 cards so far, a couple tutorials and a couple altered items - with more to come and a zillion things getting planned.

Plus, I've been binding more books for the elementary school. I did 10 books yesterday and a bunch more are coming my way next week. I'm excited, I'm happy, I'm frantic, I'm BUSY! All great things - no complaints  - well, one complaint - I need more hours in the day, that's all!! You know, little things! ;)

Since I've been away though, I thought I would give you just a snippet and sneak of a few of my projects that are set to be shown here in the very near future. Then I've gotta jet because, I have one last thing to finish up today before I head into another wave of projects. I have a feeling over the next month it's going to be like this - super busy! I'll see you very soon!!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!! ;D