Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
Love You Mom!
(October Afternoon - Modern Homemaker + 5 & Dime) 
MOMSday_Card2_Detail1_AHAnd to all the Mom's out there, have a wonderful day!!MOMSday_Card2_Detail2_AHHere's a couple cards that I shared last week on the October Afternoon blog in celebrations of Mom's Day! MOMsDay_Card1_AH3No. 1 Mom
(October Afternoon - 5 & Dime + Modern Homemaker Mini Markets) 

I hope you get all the spoiling that you so deserve!MOMSday_Card1_Detail1_AH2
Now I'm off to get mine - my daughter's going to paint my fingernails . . . wish me luck!

Enjoy your day! ;)