A Final Teacher Appreciation Card


Happy Friday everyone! Today I'm sharing one final Teacher Appreciation card I made for one of our valued teachers! Again, I turned to October Afternoon's Schoolhouse and Report Card papers and stickers, as well as SRM Stickers' Teacher sheets to create one last card. This one I think is my favorite and I really love how the sentiment seems to tie so closely with the adorable sticker of the little girl deep in thought, possibly doing her homework. :)Teacherappreciation_card3_Detail1_AH_2011While this week's been terribly hectic and over-stuffed with obligations for me, most of those obligations have involved things for our teachers. And I'm so happy that I've done it all, and made it work. I was at the elementary school three separate times yesterday for a variety of things I was a part of, but it was all worth it. And I know that our teachers felt appreciated and loved for all their efforts with our kids. We have a lot of trouble in our town getting our education budgets passed, mostly because of the population here is very polarized in ages. This takes a major toll on our teachers because it seems like they have to do more each year with less and less financial resources. We have an excellent public school system nonetheless, and that is a testament to our teachers. If you are a teacher, know, you are SO appreciated for your work - it's amazing what you do each day! And we as parents know that. 

Have a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day! ;)