Teacher Appreciation Cards :: OA + SRM Stickers


I'm back again and I can hardly believe it because I've been running on caffeine as my main source of energy the past several days with commitments coming out my ears. But I'm here and I'm happy!

Today I'm sharing two of the three Teacher Appreciation Cards that I've made for my kids' teachers for this weeks' celebrations. Once I'm finished writing this I'm jetting off to get one of the gifts for my daughter's teacher, then we should be done with this madness.TeacherAppreciation_2011_Cards_Detail2_AHBoth cards were created using October Afternoon's Schoolhouse and Report Card papers and stickers as well as SRM Stickers for the sentiments and apple sticker. I love how they turned out and the teachers loved them as well. Again, SRM came to the rescue in my morning madness of completing these while getting ready for the day! Can't beat the ease of these stickers!TeacherAppreciation_2011_Cards2_AHPlus all the elements from October Afternoon's school-themed papers and stickers are so perfect for an occasion such as this. It really makes me feel great to give something cute to our teachers. They create so much for/from my kids that I love to give them something created just for them. And they always really appreciate it! Plus, I'm sure they appreciate what's inside, too! Gift cards - Target, Starbucks, whatever I know they like. TeacherAppreciation_2011_Card_Detail2_AhThis year it was Target for one teacher, Starbucks for another, and a general purpose gift card for another. The do so much, I just love letting them know how much they mean to us!

On another school related but unrelated topic - another set of madness has begun for me now - isn't that always the case? But I must say, this next madness, is SO exciting for me. Turns out our elementary school HAND BINDS 400+ report books for every child in the school for their big writing/report project of the year. I've been at the school for three years now, and when they said they needed volunteers for the 'publishing center', I assumed it was actually a place with equipment that bound these special books - but no! They are hand crafted hard bound books! So, this morning I spent two hours learning and perfecting my hand made book binding skills! Can you believe it?! The other volunteers probably thought I was a little bonkers from the enthusiasm I had shown for creating these book, but I was THRILLED! It's something that I always wanted to learn and now I know how!! Eeek! Looks like there will be some hand-made albums in my future! ;) Have a wonderful day! ;)