Teacher Appreciation Week :: Tubes, Wands & Schoolhouse


So if you have school-aged children, you are probably aware that this week is Teacher Appreciation Week. With that comes lots of gifts, celebrations and coordinating to make those extraordinary men and women who spend their days with our children feel special and appreciated for all their efforts - and they are many. I did not have as much time as I would have liked to put together my gifts this year, but I was able to find a cute, quick and unique way of gathering some useful, albeit, utilitarian supplies for one of our teachers. Teachers are always in need of basic supplies. I purchased basic pencils, eraser tops, glue sticks, red sharpies, a ruler and a large bottle of hand disinfectant (which you can't really see in the photos) for this special teacher on classroom supply day. TeacherApprecitaion_AH2_2011

With about 10 minutes this morning, I put my supplies into my ever cute and useful SRM Stickers Tubes & Wands, put a tiny wrap of teacher-inspired writing around the tops of each tube from Schoolhouse by October Afternoon, then taped the grouping together securely. To cover the tape, I wrapped lots of ribbon around the tubes/pencils/ruler. I quickly made a card out of a large flashcard, then added several stickers from SRM Stickers and October Afternoon. I taped the card to the back of the ruler with double stick (removable) tape so as not to leave a residue on the ruler.  TeacherAppreciation_2011_AH3Lastly, as a final little touch, I simply added a mailing tag with a sticker of an apple on it and attached it to the ribbon that tied up all the goodies. It just added that little teacher-ish touch that this quick gift needed. As I said, it only took about 10 minutes to put together and my kids weren't even late for school! Easy peasy. I just love having these tubes and wands on-hand! They make mornings (and events) like this so simply to quickly put together!