Weekender :: Spring Has Arrived In CT!

Spring2011_1Yes, it has!! While it's been a mixed bag of rain and sun, the plants don't seem to mind and I will take it after the long, hard winter this year. My plants are loving it! Like this tree above - one of my favorite additions to our garden a couple years ago - a coral branch Japanese maple.Spring_2011_2
It reminds me how resilient life it and how during the toughest of times (winters), things always come back too life, in their full glory, and appear somehow better, you know? I feel that way especially this spring. Even though we haven't had as many bright sunny days, all the life that is blossoming around is vibrant, healthy and extraordinary.
 Spring_2011_CodyEven Cody's a happy camper. He's been in his element, outside in our yard ever since the temperatures have risen and no one's happier about it than he. Just look at that adorable mug.Spring_2011_3
Here in our neck of the woods, yellow forsythia is "the" sign that Spring has arrived. And we have many of these gorgeous bushes that line the perimeter of our property. We even have a section that makes this beautiful arch that the kids can run through. I got a ton of great pics of the kids this week, too. But I'm waiting to share them on some upcoming pages, as they are just too special to not scrap!

Today we're headed to my son't very first T-ball practice, and I can't help but be a little verklempt about it. I spent 20+ years on a dirty, hot fields myself as a softball player pitching and fielding at third base. I finally stopped playing after a head injury from playing with novice men on a company team. I came to realize (after being knocked in the head at short range with a lightening speed softball that left me with several staples and scar tissue that is still sensitive to barometric pressure changes) that I was done being dirty! But I do miss it at times. But I'm excited to see him play this morning. With that - I've gotta jet. We're going to be late! . . .  Have a great weekend! ;)