Crate Paper :: Accent Cuts Mini :: Day 2

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! I'm excited today, because my husband is home from a work related trip to Texas after being away for most of the week. That's wonderful in and of itself, but the best part is he and his brother and nephews along with our mini people will be for some much needed silence here in the next hour or so. Wow - kids between the ages of 4 and 8 sure can create a lot of noise! The cousins love each other very much as evidenced by the amount of activity they generate when all together! That's been our home the past few days, and I admit, I'm ready for some peace and quiet! LOL

Today I thought I'd wrap up the rest of my Accent Cuts mini album that I created for my daughter that I started yesterday. I was also asked how I bound the album, which I thought was a great question.Pg15-16 
Here's how I did it:
1) I punched two holes (with 1/8" hole punch) on the left side of each page making sure that all the pages were lined up.
2) Then I threaded the holes with bakers twine so that the loose ends came through the front cover
3) Then I tied the loose ends into a double knot, making sure that the tied binding isn't too taut. Leave it slightly loose so that when you have the book open the baker's twine will allow for the pages to not overlap each other, this way they'll lie flat, and the pages can be opened easily.
4) Thread and tie a bow through the button. Then use a glue dot to keep the button in place and cover the original knot. Choosing this large button also hides the slight give in the bakers twine. Pg17-18Pg19-20Pg21-22
This mini, is the perfect size for your purse or for travel. It would be a great way to give a mother or grandparent a brag book, perhaps for Mother's Day? I love that idea! I know my Mom would love something she could carry in her pocketbook that she could easily take out and show friends. Hmmm, maybe that is an up coming project for me! ;) Have a wonderful Friday!! Thanks so much for stopping by today! ;)