Crate Paper :: Toy Box + School Spirit = Sports Love!


I've been waiting to scrap these pictures of my little guy from last fall for the longest time. When Toy Box from Crate Paper came out in January, I knew that the combination of School Spirit and this line would be perfect for my little kicker. He loves sports, particularly soccer and baseball. I just love watching him play, especially when it's so beautiful outside. (We're hoping the trees will show some signs of getting leaves here soon ::fingers crossed::.) 

He'sKickinIt_DetailGridOne thing that I did on this layout, that I haven't done much before, is stitch along the existing color seams in my patterned paper (burst = Geometry). I wanted to add the black that's in the Toy Box collection to the overall feel of the School Spirit papers, and simply by stitching in black around the perimeter and along those burst seams, I was able to achieve a cohesive look between the two.

Another trick that I used, is that I had a sticker that was blaring white (the one that says "Soccer") and I didn't want it to stand out so much, so I used this mist to give it a creamier look that works beautifully with the layout. Because the cream mist is not opaque, it gives the white paper the creamy look I wanted without masking the words "Soccer". Fun tip with that mist.

Anyhoo, today's a very busy day here at Heller headquarters. We've got appointments, deadlines, activities galore. So, I'm going to skidaddle for now, but I just want to let you know, to come back tomorrow because I have a very special something to share with you! ;) Have a wonderful Monday!