Giveaway Clarifications + An OA Sneak


WOW - what a response from my post yesterday - THANK YOU!! A couple points of clarification:

1) I cannot take credit for the packages in the photo from yesterday- it was borrowed from Pinterest (see below the image) as a "beauty shot". LOL

2) Unfortunately, my boxes that I am sending out are not gift wrapped so elegantly - I wish had the time to do that for you! ;)

3) I am so sorry that I forgot about the Southern Hemisphere's change from Summer to Fall this time of year! I sometimes forget, as I sit and write at my computer, that there are actually people from all over the WORLD who read my blog. It boggles my mind that there are people who span the globe looking at my work - so cool!! So specifically to my Aussie friends, who pointed this out to me - Happy Fall!! :::waving all the way from the Tri-State area!!::::

4) A couple people mentioned that one winner would get all four boxes - that isn't the case. There will be 4 winners - one for each box. But believe me, these boxes are NOT skimpy! They're several pounds each.5Dime_8Suits_DEtail1

Okay, back to today's business!

Today, I'm being introduced over at the October Afternoon blog!! {totally surreal} And yes, I am in need of a new headshot, both for this blog and for general purposes. I only have images of me taking pictures of myself - lame, they never turn out. I wish I had a friend who shoots beautiful pictures, Problem is, I don't want to pay to have them done. The last time my hubby tried the best shot made me look 20 years older than I am - ugh, so, I may have to consider shelling out the cash. 

Anyhow, make sure you head over to the OA blog and leave a comment, because on Friday they are choosing winners to get the new collection, 5 & Dime!! It's a GORGEOUS set, I'm in love with it!! Full of color and pattern, plus all kinds of new additions including the new package of Miscellany (remember when I talked about this back from CHA - probably my favorite new item of the show - a mix of ribbons, buttons, die cuts, tags - pure awesomeness!) You don't want to miss out!!

Above is a sneaky peak of my project over on the OA blog featuring 5 & Dime. I hope you'll head over there to see the whole thing and enter for your chance to win some fun new product!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! Have a wonderful day!! ;)