Please pinch me . . .

Today's the day I've been shrieking about the last couple weeks!

Seriously, pinch me.


I've been asked to be a member of the NEW October Afternoon Design Team!!! Really?! Seriously?! Is this happening?!I remember back when I bought my first October Afternoon at a LSS, it was Weathervane, and I was SMITTEN. Seriously- I have hoarded that paper like my life depended on it - it's still un-cut! This is one of those opportunities, that has always seemed beyond reach - a dream, and I couldn't be more excited and honored!
For the past couple weeks, the new girls and I have been finding out a bit behind the scenes.  See, starting today and over the next week or so, there's a totally relaunch of the OA blog. Same address, but new format, new inspiration, new challenges and new product! The new changes are already beautiful!5Dime_1Priceslless_Detailgrid_AHThis week we're introducing everyone on the the new team each day. Then, straight-away next week, each and every day there will be great new things to take part in and be inspired by, on the October Afternoon blog!! 


Today, I thought I'd show you some of the fun new things that will soon be shipping with the new collection 5 & Dime! This collection is so beautiful!! It's fun, vintage inspired, full of color and pattern! I just love it!5Dime_5_Card_DetailGrid
So what do you think? I hope I can bring you inspiration and lots of fun new ideas! (I'm a little nervous!) It is SO exciting and I can't wait for you all the join me on this adventure!! So are you up for it? Make sure you head on over to the October Afternoon blog and see what the other ladies have to show you today! Amazing. Be ready to be inspired!! Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for stopping by! ;)