Happy 11th to Me & Mine


Today is my husband and my 11th wedding anniversary. When it comes to this stuff, we are not traditionalists. We were married in a small ceremony on the beach in Hawaii. We rarely do much to "celebrate" these milestones other than go out to dinner and get one another a card. Like every married couple, life has thrown us some curveballs in these 11 years, but our faith in each other hasn't ever waivered. I love him. He's my best friend. My rock. My sanity. My other half, literally. I don't know what I would do without him.

When it comes to creating an anniversary card for him, it's not going to be ooey gooey or fluffy and fancy. It's simple and the focus is on the circle, the two wings of the butterfly, the two sets of pearls. The sewing is everything that happens around us. Sometimes chaotic, sometimes unpredictable, but always, we are steady in the center. That's us, we always are two parts that make a whole.I created this card for him with the last of my Little Black Dress kit club from March. I love the tone on tone, and subtlety of the design in the papers. It makes the focus on the butterfly more poignant.AnniversaryCard_Ah

Tonight we're not doing anything special. We have a sitter lined up for the weekend so we can go out, but today, it's just another, wonderful day with my fantastic husband and our daily lives together. It'll be a good day! :)