Weekender :: Tsunami Update

Thank you so much to everyone who sent me notes of reassurance from the West Coast. I was speaking to my Mom yesterday about this situation, and was telling her, the way it was made to sound early in the morning here on the East Coast, was so uncertain as to how impactful the tsunami would take to both Hawaii and to the West Coast, it seemed cause for at least some concern or alertness. I am happy to report that it was essentially a non-event. Evidently, there was a 1' increase in the water level at high tide but nothing more, thankfully.

As I watch the images of the tsunami I have visions of similar images from the Mt. St. Helens volcano eruption, also in Washington state, also not far from where I grew up when I was in Kindergarten in 1980. It's part of the fabric of the area - again while so infrequent, so devastating. Everyone there knows the threat, yet there's a feeling that it won't happen in our lifetime. Well, this is a sobering reminder that it can.


Again, I simply can't imagine being so far from home if something similar were to happen to my "home" in WA. It shakes my nerves. Even being in the same city when something like this happens is so scary. I've felt that, when we had the earthquake I mentioned in yesterday's post. My husband and I were working in the Seattle area we were about 15 miles from one another, he was downtown on the 56th floor of the 2nd largest skyscraper in Seattle, and I was so terrified for him once I got my bearings myself. So, I can only imagine what those in Japan are feeling still.

I am sure some of you have family in Japan. Know that I am thinking of you and my heart is so very broken for Japan's people and for this beautiful country. You are in my thoughts and prayers. The next step, is going to be how can we help?