Crate Paper :: Layout + Tsunami Talk


Today I was hoping to bring you a chipper, happy post as I like to do. But I must admit, waking up to the devastating news about Japan has tempered my mood a bit. Such devastation. And then, to know that Hawaii, where I have friends and possibly the West Coast where I grew up and ALL my family and my husband's family are, is scary.

I am thinking of my family - most specifically those who live in Western Washington state. It's all water there, where I grew up, between the coast and Puget Sound. It feels pretty helpless to not be there with them right now. I know that things likely won't amount to anything, but in WA there's always the possibility of "The Big One" (earthquake + tsunami) at any given moment. So with that in the back of my mind, it's a little nerve wracking. So I wait. Because any impact won't happen until 7PM East Coast time. 

I've been through many an earthquake myself, including the one that hit the Puget Sound area in 2001 - 6.8 magnitude that was VERY close to the surface - in fact the epicenter was only a few miles from where I grew up. That was a terrifying experience. So, I get it. This stuff, while infrequent in any large scale, is very, very scary. And now being 3000 miles away from it makes me feel a little unsettled. Dada_Grid_AH
So today, I wanted to share I layout I did recently of my mom and daughter with one of my favorite pictures of them when she was a baby. It's so soft, sweet, tender and loving. She hasn't seen it yet, but these are "her colors" - my Mom's and I'm hoping she likes it. I combined the new collections from Crate Paper, Portrait and Neighborhood for this layout and I think it fits the moment and my Mommy so well. I love you, Mom! Hope everything's alright out there - I'll talk to you in a bit!

Thanks so much for stopping by today and please keep those in Japan, Hawaii and the West Coast of North and even South America in your thoughts and prayers today. Thank you!