Crate + SC = Colorful Bliss {Precious Kaleidoscope Heart}

A couple weeks back my little man was playing with his kaleidoscope. It was adorable. I snapped some cute photos and forgot about them. That is until I started playing with the latest kit from Studio Calico featuring exclusive papers from Crate Paper. The colors, the feel, both perfect for my fun kaleidoscope images.

I knew that I wanted to use black in my background somehow to pick up on the outline in the rainbow on the Crate patterned paper. Initially I had my layout composed a little differently and completely on black cardstock with white pain splatters. It didn't feel "right". So I took it apart. Then, I trimmed an edge of the black cardstock from the original layout of all my elements, then decided to use kraft as my background. It was at that point that I decided this would be the perfect layout to use my favorite chipboard element (those circles/bubbles) from a previous SC kit. I sprayed those with white Mr. Huey, white mist then this layout began to come together as you see it here now. PreciousK_DetailGrid_AH
I've done that several times recently. Finished a layout - all the way up to the final stitching, then decide - hmm it's not working for me. Then I take it apart only to discover something better was just around the corner with a few minor changes. I've decided (and discovered) that instead of rushing my process in order to complete something - I sometimes need to take a day or two to let some layouts simmer a bit. I need to sometimes come back to them with a fresh perspective. I just have to tell myself that that is okay. I'm always in such a rush with everything in my life, that I just need to slow.down. sometimes. 

Well now's a good time to slow down, well because it's the weekend, right! Woo Hoo!! We're taking the kids swimming at the local indoor pool today to burn off some energy, then tomorrow it's off to a fun filled day at the aquarium. I may play hookie on that excursion and make it a kids and daddy day so I can get some scrappy stuff done. We'll see. In any case, have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for stopping by today! ;)