We're So Beachy - Playing with My SC Kits

I'd like to make a request. See that background paper there, the one that is blues and greens and creams? Yep, that's the one. Can I get that in a wallpaper, like, stat?? I LOVE it. And to think that it was a B-side of a featured paper in the SC kit from December, well to me, it's a bit shocking. It's I think one of my favorite papers of all.time. Couple that with my all.time.favorite woodgrain by October Afternoon, now that's a beach house I'd like to live in!

I was playing last weekend with my SC kits and I really wanted to scrap the vacation we took recently to California and to the beach. As a family we LOVE the beach. It comes naturally, I suppose, growing up around the water as kids, both my husband and me. So our kids love it as much as we do. In fact we were so smitten with the area, we've decided that once we retire, Southern California is where we want to be - at least in the wintertime. It's just awesome. We fell in love it! The little quaint beach towns and the locally owned shops, super friendly, laid-back people. It was just our style. We will definitely be back!


Source: cuteoverload.com via Amy on Pinterest




On another note. Have you been to Pinterest yet? Oh my heavens. If you love tearing out magazine sheets for inspiration for, well, anything creative be it home, art, food/recipes, fashion, entertaining, this is the site for you! It's like having an online inspiration file where you can create and file all your favorite things that you've found online - or through the Pinterest site. It's absolutely fabulous. In fact it's so useful, I'm going to be directing my husband to it when she "has no idea what I like", because, well, my boards sum me up pretty well. You can check mine out here. A couple words of caution. 1) You have to sign a waiting list to get on-they'll send you an invitation when you are able to register (it took me a couple weeks), and 2) it's highly addictive! Like this recent image that I pinned above, not only is it totally adorable, but look at those heavenly colors. Inspiring!! I hope you check it out and have a wonderful weekend!! Thanks so much for stopping by today!!