Littlest Pets Shops + Little Black Dress = Cute Girlie Layout

LPSLOve_Layout_AHHappy Thursday everyone! I just got back from taking, then bring my son back from school this morning. I think the sickies have invaded our house once again. Fun, fun!

While he's resting, I thought I'd share a cute little layout of my daughter playing with her favorite collection of toys, her Littlest Pet Shops. The girl has about 200 of these little animals, and they still hold a dear place in her heart even after several years of collecting. I think she got her first ones when she was about 4 or 5. When she was really little she had My Little Ponies, but that obsession was much shorter lived. These have endured many years, which is cute to see.LPSLove_DetailGridFor For this layout I used the February kit from the Little Black Dress kit club. And let me tell you, I had a completed version of this layout all done, before I took it completely apart and remade it with this result. I had all my final sewing done and everything. It just was not sitting well with me at.all. So several seams ripped apart, many torn pieces of paper later, I salvaged what I could and ended up with a much better layout.

I do that a lot, actually. Where I dive into something and am not happy with it, and have high hopes of returning to it to redo it in a better way. I may actually make that a part of my blog - before and after, or incomplete to complete layouts. I have a couple albums filled with layouts that aren't completed. That might be a fun way of getting some of those ones done. Huh. What do you think? Do you have layouts that you'd like to return to only to make them better? I'd love to know if you'd be interested in something like that here. I may have to do that, if nothing else to motivate me to get some of them into "completed" albums. :)

Well friends, I'm going to go check on my little love bug and see how he's feeling. I hope you have a terrific Thursday and thanks so much for stopping by! ;)